5 areas you should apply sunscreen that you may not know

When it comes to sun protection, it is necessary to do it the right way to avoid the negative effects caused by ultraviolet rays over time, such as premature aging and skin damage. You may already know that the face is the main area you should apply sunscreen. However, other areas are commonly forgotten, which are also important to protect. Find out which are these areas so you can start taking care of them today.



It is easy to neglect this area, where people usually do not apply sunscreen. Studies show that even though melanoma of the external ear is rare (1), it is crucial to cover them with a hat and sunscreen. Wearing caps is not suitable as it does not cover the ears, so it is better to choose a wide-brimmed hat to avoid direct sunlight when spending time outdoors.



Another delicate area that is common to forget is the lips. According to research, ultraviolet radiation accounts for 93 percent of skin cancers, and about half of them appear on the lips (2). So, the best way to smile at the sun is by protecting your lips from UV radiation, such as a lip balm containing SPF.


Eyelids are extremely sensitive as they are a thin layer of skin that is commonly forgotten as well. Even if you wear dark sunglasses, eyelids are an at-risk area that can easily burn. That is why you should protect them not only with good sunscreen but also with an eye contour cream that has a calming and revitalizing effect.


Neck and décolletage

The neck reveals the effects of the sun and the level of care you give to your skin. Thankfully, it is never too late to start applying sun protection that helps prevent premature aging. And if you want to take care of your neck and décolletage even more, make sure you use a moisturizing and firming cream that shows off your beauty.



Perhaps you apply hand cream every day after washing the dishes or finishing house chores. However, hands reflect the passage of time and the consequences of sun exposure when not given proper care. You use your hands to apply sunscreen all over your body, but maybe you are forgetting to cover them completely with sun protection to avoid skin damage (3). So, next time give your hands a little more love.


To cover all these aspects, we created the RADIANCE Silky Primer Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 42. It is made with the best ingredients to provide sun protection and a glowing complexion while protecting the environment.


  • It prevents and fights the negative effects of UV radiation.
  • Helps protect against the effects of artificial lighting from phone and computer screens.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Provides antioxidant support to improve complexion.
  • It has a mousse texture, perfect for covering imperfections and leaving a silky finish on the skin.


Taking care of your skin is easy, and you have our support with useful tips and the best products from PIEL ETERNA.


Your Santo Remedio team.




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