5 Possible Causes of Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural process in the body that happens when it is trying to heal from an infection, injury, or an external agent considered harmful (1). So, feeling some inflammation is good for your body. However, you need to pay attention to what you may be doing that is causing you inflammation to prevent it from becoming chronic and harmful. Here we share some possible reasons.


  1. Too much sodium

Do you have swollen hands and bags under your eyes when you wake up? This may be a sign that you are consuming too much salt, which may be the cause of your inflammation, especially in the extremities (2). It’s better to season your food with other spices, such as garlic or Turmeric, which in addition to providing more flavor to your meals, can help reduce inflammation, especially if it is related to exercise.


  1. Sun exposure


Another reason why you could feel inflammation is due to sun damage (3). Not only does it make your skin red, but it can also swell the affected areas and cause discomfort. To avoid this, always protect yourself with sunscreen. Preferably, you should sunbathe at intervals of 10 to 30 minutes and drink water frequently. After sunbathing, applying a Moisturizing Face Cream is also important to hydrate your face.


  1. A poor diet


It’s common to hear someone complain about feeling bloated right after eating, or maybe you’ve experienced it firsthand. This may happen if you have a diet high in fat and sugar that lacks fiber and other nutrients (4). The good news is that besides fiber, Probiotics could help you improve your digestion by supporting the microbiota or intestinal flora and avoiding abdominal inflammation. Also, if you combine them with a healthier diet, you will notice the difference.


  1. Feeling stressed 


Studies show that stress generates an inflammatory response in the body (5). And since it is a problem that tends to become chronic, perhaps it is time to review how you feel and take things more calmly, especially those you cannot control. Going for a walk or meditating can help you feel better. Adding Magnesium is also a good option because it helps relax your muscles, while Ashwagandha can help you control moderate stress. 


  1. Sitting down for long periods 


Move more and leave your chair behind! Recent studies have shown that inactivity increases the inflammatory response and causes muscle loss. (6) Take Vitamin B12 to support your body's energy as it helps you perform physical activities better, whether walking, stretching, or practicing your favorite sport.


Do you recognize any of these causes? Now you know what changes you can make to feel better. Remember that Santo Remedio has everything you need for a healthier life inside and out.


Your Santo Remedio team



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