Find out Dr. Juan’s favorite products for healthy living!

You’ve probably heard that an apple a day keeps the doctors away. And Popeye taught us long ago that spinach helps us be super strong and healthy. However, as Hispanics, we have Dr. Juan to guide us to the right path for healthy living. Who better than a Hispanic cardiologist to know first-hand everything we need to take care of our overall health? Even more so, someone who lives by example.

Thus, it can be difficult to find the right support to improve your well-being, or not have the discipline to take that first step towards better health by maintaining a supplement regimen that helps achieve it. Maybe you or a loved one are going through this. You want to start taking care of yourself by supporting all health aspects, which doesn’t necessarily mean you need to overload on products.

To help guide you and simplify this process, Dr. Juan shares his favorite supplements. Four natural productsthat are crucial to him, as he takes them daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle: turmeric, red yeast rice, ashwagandha, and nopal



Why are they Dr. Juan's favorites?

Because these supplements are responsible for protecting the heart, controlling stress, reducing inflammation, and increasing fiber intake. These are aspects that, to a certain extent, are involved in most of the health problems Hispanics suffer, such as cardiovascular diseases, cognitive impairment, obesity, and diabetes.

  • Turmeric is one of the most studied natural products currently because of its curcumin, a powerful substance. It has been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant effects that help protect against inflammatory processes, from the brain and heart to the joints. There’s a reason why it is on the list of the most effective anti-inflammatory substances. (1)
  • Ashwagandha helps promote calmness in stressful situations and, at the same time, helps increase the capacity for concentration and energy when needed. Research also shows that it can help balance mood and, above all, it can help keep the brain and its connections in good condition, reducing depression and anxiety. (2)
  • Research shows that red yeast rice may be as effective in lowering LDL cholesterol as statins when combined with healthy eating and lifestyle habits. This is due to the ingredient called monacolin K, which, despite having similar efficacy, has fewer side effects and can help control cholesterol in low-risk patients and people who cannot be treated with statins. (3)
  • Nopal is a cactus native to Mexico, rich in antioxidants and probiotics. Traditionally, it has been used to help control blood glucose and currently, it is backed by science. So far, studies show that its high fiber content helps prevent increased glucose and improves antioxidant activity when used as part of a healthy lifestyle. (4)


Do you want to start taking care of yourself the right way? Trust the products from the doctor you trust. It’s time to invest and commit to your health.


Let's be healthier together.

Your Santo Remedio team.





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