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Steamy Sex at Any Age!

After a certain age, many believe that once-young princesses and princes inevitably become frogs since there is no human power that can withstand the effects of aging, which takes away everything... including sexual desire. While it’s true the years don’t pass in vain, neither does it have to be a sexual death sentence, taking away the pleasure of enjoying everything good and healthy sex has to offer.

Let’s be frank. Among us Hispanics, there are more myths and taboo topics around sex that we have culturally been fed to believe. The first of these being, that after a certain age sex simply no longer matters. New research on the subject does show that there are certain physiological changes in both men and women, but it’s not anything that can't be resolved to recover the magic of intimacy. Allow us to clear up some doubts and share tips so that, even though the years go by, your sex life doesn’t stop.

Obstacles interfering in your life as a couple

We know that youth is synonymous with energy, vitality, and drive. At that stage, hormonal chemistry is still on our side, making things so much easier between two people who are attracted to each other. But with time, those things change. Take for example:

  • In men, beginning at the age of 40, the appearance of certain issues such as erectile dysfunction can complicate intimacy. This has become a widespread concern for men worldwide, generating a lot of stress. No one wants to be halfway through the door of intimacy without being able to fully perform! But if we think about it, it's not a big deal because it is something that can be fixed. Especially today when there are plenty of solutions! First and foremost, discover the root cause – whether cardiovascular disease or diabetes, medications, stress, or some other reason. There are numerous medicinal options and treatments that work effectively to solve erectile dysfunction. (1)

  • In women, menopause generates changes such as vaginal dryness due to a lack of lubrication and a shorter vagina with more fragile uterine walls, all of which facilitate pain during sexual intercourse. However, there are products and treatments that can be used to combat that discomfort, including vaginal lubricants, estrogen creams, and medications to help with the process. There are also supplement options like maca that support the sexual health of both men and women, especially used by women at the stage of menopause.

    • Something that every woman should know is that the less sex she has, the more likely she is to accelerate menopause. It sounds exaggerated, but according to a 2020 study published by the British Journal Royal Society Open Science, women who had sex weekly during the study period were 28% less likely to experience menopause than those who had sex less often. For them, the hormonal changes began earlier. (2)

Be honest and open with your doctor

It is said that the only thing in life without resolution is death. But to solve any other problem you may have only takes recognition and awareness. The downside is that unlike other health problems (toothache or joint pain, for example), we don’t easily and seriously talk about sexual issues. This continues into later life as we continue to ignore the subject, afraid to even bring it up with our doctor. But we must do it! According to data from a survey conducted by the University of Michigan, 50% of men and 30% of women over 65 are sexually active. Those numbers may even be higher but there is a lack of information due to people not daring to openly speak about their sex lives with a health care provider. (3)

Your doctor can suggest options and medications mentioned above, as well as refer you to a specialist. Don't be ashamed to go to one, either! Therapy is ‘in’ nowadays because it actually helps. Certified experts can offer psychological treatment (psychotherapy) to help overcome sexual trauma and cultural programming that we carry that interferes with our sexuality. It is time to put an end to all of it.

Be stronger, have better sex

It’s also important to maintain good physical condition. That doesn’t mean having an hourglass figure or becoming a bodybuilder. What we’re referring to is maintaining flexibility, muscle strength, and proper body mass to ensure the body’s energy and stamina can flourish. There are studies that show a close relationship between fitness, self-esteem, and good sexual performance at every age. (4)

You can take supplements that help maintain energy levels such as ginseng, vitamin B12, and CoQ10. Be faithful to daily exercise and opt for supplements that maintain musculoskeletal health like glucosamine, collagen, and vitamin D3.

Make time for games, caresses, and fantasies

Research on personal relationships has shown the important role of emotional intimacy, defined as the sexual desire and romantic connection between two people. For a couple, emotional intimacy can deepen as more time goes by (5). Not everyone finds it simple to discover new styles of intimacy. But we can always try therapy, medicine, and techniques such as tantric sex to help. Simple exercises, gentle caresses, smoldering looks, and other subtleties can reach a new dimension of eroticism in the later years of life.

Experts in sexuality and aging also recognize that keeping the flame alive requires a good deal of dedication and effort. The good news is that doing so promotes long, lasting, happy relationships.

Let's be healthier and more passionate, together.

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