Supplements that can support you during menopause

Women face many challenges throughout their lives, mostly distinguished by hormonal changes, as in the case of menopause. There are many myths about this stage; for example, women become unnoticed and less attractive, and their intimate life comes to an end. However, this stage can be the best one yet if you follow healthy habits, eat well, and take supplements to help cope with the symptoms. After all, you have journeyed an exciting path that has given you countless life lessons, wisdom, and maturity. Here we share some supplements that could help you relieve some symptoms of menopause.


What is menopause?

From a medical standpoint, it is the time in a woman's life when the ovaries stop producing hormones and menstrual periods end. It usually begins unevenly and causes ups and downs in hormone production, which is why hot flashes and sweats happen. Metabolism can also be affected, and energy level drops, causing fatigue, apathy, and mood swings (1). Fortunately, some vitamins and supplements can help fight these and other discomforts.


Vitamin B12 and Maca to support energy 

Vitamin B12 is vital for good health and even more so during menopause because it is a great ally against tiredness and weakness. There found in various products of animal origin, such as fish, poultry, meat, and dairy products in general. Sometimes it is not so easy to have access to all those fresh foods, especially if you follow a plant-based diet, which makes it difficult to obtain the benefits of this vitamin. People with vegetarian and vegan diets are more likely to suffer from anemia and other complications from a lack of vitamin B12 (2).

Vitamin B12 helps increase energy, relieve fatigue, and improve your mood. It is related to serotonin and dopamine production, the happiness hormones. Maintaining a healthy vitamin B12 level is key to fighting mood swings, depression, and anxiety, which are also symptoms of this stage. (3) 

Maca also helps support energy levels. A daily dose is enough to increase it gradually and healthily. Some studies suggest that it could also have positive effects in relieving hot flashes, a common symptom of menopause. Although there needs to be more research done, some evidence shows that increasing energy can support low libido (4). A promising aspect so that this stage is not an obstacle to achieving a full life.


Turmeric and Resveratrol to reduce joint pain

Are you experiencing menopause, and your knees hurt? It is another common symptom to feel pain in your joints, which is also caused by hormonal changes. One of the ways to reduce these discomforts is by performing moderate exercise. Staying active will always be a way to be healthy. 

Turmeric can also help reduce inflammatory processes, especially after exercising, reducing joint pain. On the other hand, Resveratrol has high estrogenic and anti-inflammatory properties (4). Studies show that it helps preserve bone density and maintain a youthful appearance, thanks to its antioxidant capacity.


Ashwagandha and Passionflower to promote calmness 

It's normal for all these changes to make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Instead of feeling guilty for letting your emotions flow, embrace this new phase of your life. You've come a long way! All those hormonal changes can remind you of what you went through in adolescence with all that anxiety, nervousness, and irritability, but now you are wiser and have tools at hand that can help you feel better. If you find it hard to relax, you can try Passionflower Tea and Ashwagandha, the perfect combination to reduce stress and sleep like a baby, something that is also difficult during this stage.

There are many ways to counteract the symptoms of this life period. The important thing is to take action as soon as possible, giving your mind and body the best. We are here to support you at every stage of your life.


Let's be healthier together.

Your Santo Remedio team






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