SALE! Enjoy up to 67% off!

SALE! Enjoy up to 67% off!


  • Can I lose weight during the 7 days?

    YES, especially if you were consuming excess calories from sugar or fats before the cleanse.

    Weight loss during an Entalla Cleanse is dependent on how closely you stick to the plan, as well as the number of calories from excess sugar and fat that you were consuming before.

    *Results will vary

    **As with starting any new diet plan please consult with your physician

  • What changes will happen to my body during the Cleanse phase?

    During the Cleanse phase your body will be eliminating toxins in all the ways it normally does, via sweat, urine, stool and through the liver.

    Healthy macro and micronutrients will further help the body’s natural detoxification.

    It’s important to drink lots of water to aid the body during the Cleanse phase, up to a gallon a day as tolerated.

  • Can I change the time in which I eat the meal if I already started the program?

    Absolutely. You can even change the time in which you eat a meal every day. The idea is to eat you are hungry.

  • Can I skip the Cleanse phase?

    The Cleanse phase is suggested by Dr. Juan Rivera and the nutritionist Sabrina Hernández-Cano, due to the importance of preparing the body to begin a new way of eating. However, if you have already completed that process and/or are relatively healthy, you can start with the Weight Loss phase.

  • What are the Entalla products?

    Entalla MetaBoost: This metabolic booster helps increase energy expenditure and is equivalent to drinking about three cups of coffee. It is not recommended for people with high blood pressure.

    Super Slim Café: An excellent source of fiber that helps increase metabolism and burn fat. Suggested servings is like drinking two cups of coffee and is NOT recommended for people with high blood pressure.

    Will Pow(d)er: Supports proper functioning of the central nervous system and provides essential electrolytes that help achieve appropriate nerve and muscle function. Excellent source of magnesium and fiber.

    Skinny Yummy Gummy: Gummies that help you feel full when combined with the Entalla Nutritional Plan. Not to be consumed by people with a coconut allergy.

    Proteins: Helps repair muscle tissue and promotes a feeling of satiety throughout the day.

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