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1. Daily Plan & Food List

Knowing how much to eat of what just got easier. Free yourself from frustrating diets and calorie calculations all according to your individual lifestyle and preferences.

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Have no fear! The help you need to move towards your goals and succeed is here. We offer the best ways to support your nutrition and weight loss every step of the way.

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Here, we share recipes prepared by our nutritionist and a team of specialists to help you learn how to eat healthy and delicious meals while cleansing your body. Enjoy!

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Here is your daily plan.

This is what your daily meal plan will look like. Organize your shakes, meals, and snacks throughout the day in a way that works best for you and your schedule.

Duration: while you maintain your goal weight. If you gain weight, visit Phase 1 again and start the program from the beginning.

For best results follow this routine.


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And lastly, here are a few things you should say YES and NO to.

Say Yes.

Follow the 9 Entalla Lifestyle Principles

Water: Drink at least half your weight in water each day (150 lbs. = 75 oz. water). Drink at least half before noon and the other half after.

Protein powder for shakes:
Entalla Whey or Plant-Based Protein

Drinks allowed: Coffee, teas, herbal infusions, matcha tea

Sleep: At least 8 hours per day

Steps: 10-15K steps per day

Meditation: 5-10 minutes per day

Say No.

There are no restrictions with
the Maintenance plan. All foods
are consumed in moderation
and proper portions based on
their nutrient value. To ease
cravings, refer to the emergency
box for decadent desires in small

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