Kick-start Your Energy
Kick-start Your Energy

Kick-start Your Energy

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Maca, Vitamin B12, Ginseng


Product Description

The perfect combination to make the most of daylight hours and bring back the power of an intimate night.

Vitamin B12: Can help support energy and metabolism

Ginseng: For energy and immune support

Maca: Supports healthy energy levels and sexual health


  • Pack contains: 1 bottle of Maca, 1 bottle of Vitamin B12, and 1 bottle of Ginseng
  • Maca (90 capsules)
  • Vitamin B12 (180 capsules)
  • Ginseng (90 capsules)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is maca?
It is a tuber that grows in the Andes mountains and provides very complete nutrition, capable of increasing mental, physical, and sexual energy.
What can maca do for my health?
Its properties have been used for centuries by local cultures, and today’s science is proving its positive effects on mood, general health, and even some sexual problems such as lack of desire. One of its secrets is macamide, a substance that helps regulate hormones and stimulates energy. (1, 2, 3)
Can women going through menopause take maca?
Yes. In fact, this plant helps combat decreased sexual desire around and during menopause as one of its main proven benefits. It also helps decrease mood swings and increase energy by regulating hormone levels. (1)
What is ginseng?
It is a root native to Asia with more than two thousand years of medicinal use and an excellent reputation thanks to bioactive components that help various aspects of health, especially related to both physical and mental performance.
What does ginseng do for my health?
Its pharmacological uses vary. However, its undisputed capabilities focus on promoting and enhancing immune response, protecting central nervous system function, and providing an inexhaustible source of energy and stamina.
What happens to energy when there is a B12 deficiency?
If you are deficient in vitamin B12, you may experience excessive fatigue, headaches, and even depression. Vitamin B12 increases energy and metabolism, helping maintain health and vitality at any age.