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Santo Remedio founder Dr. Juan Rivera is fast becoming one of the most respected medical experts in the world. His purpose is to help you fight for the better health you deserve.

“I work hard to give people the tools and knowledge they need to prevent illness. I do it because I love medicine, but most of all I do it because I love my people.”

As a bestelling author and trusted medical expert for Univision, “Dr. Juan” is a young and trusted bilingual voice whose flawless academic and scientific background makes him a leading authority on wellness, diet, exercise, stress, sleep patterns, and the prevention of heart attacks.

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Trusted Doctor

Trusted Doctor

A board certified Cardiologist who trained at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Dr. Juan specializes in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. In addition to serving as the Chief Medical Correspondent for the Univision TV Network.

Fit, Friendly & Focused

Fit, smart, and relatable, Dr. Juan practices what he preaches, energizing audiences with his medical knowledge and experience. Millions of Hispanics trust Dr. Juan’s expertise and his endearing, confident, and infectious personality. His work helping Hispanics have access to better medical information is often highlighted by national publications, including both and People en Español

Bestelling Author

Dr. Juan is the proud author of Mejora Tu Salud De Poquito a Poco and Santo Remedio. His latest book, his first for the english-speaking market, is the bestselling The Mojito Diet. In addition to his books, Dr. Juan has a monthly column in People en Español, has published extensively in the area of cardiovascular prevention, and has served as a reviewer for most of the major peer-reviewed scientific cardiology journals.

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Univision and Despierta America

Santo Remedio and are partnering with Dr Juan, Univision’s Chief Medical Correspondent, to improve your health.

Dr. Juan is the creator of Reto 28, a weight loss event that became the most successful community initiative in Univision history, helping 400,000 individuals lose more than one million pounds in one month.