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  • Why am I choosing participate in a weight maintenance program?

    With traditional diets, people often lose weight initially but report weight gain after dieting, sometimes to above previous levels. Often this occurs because the method used to lose weight is not sustainable. People fall back into unhealthy habits or a lack of family support. An inability to access healthier food options, life events, and a multitude of other factors can also cause people to regain weight.

    Entalla Maintenance program empowers you to stay motivated and maintain your weight loss. By following the 9 Entalla Lifestyle principles and checking them off each week, eventually you will gain key weight maintenance habits. You’ll also have access to a community of support. We are committed to helping you succeed long term.

  • What should I expect?

    Losing weight is a big accomplishment. During the Entalla Lifestyle phase you’ll safeguard that accomplishment by committing to exercise and a well-balanced diet. The 9 Entalle Lifestyle Principles will help you stay on track and avoid getting too comfortable and regaining weight. Once they become habits, the likelihood of weight gain diminishes.

    A BMI of 30 or above is considered obesity. If you have lowered your BMI from above 30 to a more healthy number, that’s a huge win. Another indication that you are on the right track is when you have lowered your waist circumference below 35 if you are a female and below 40 if you are a male.

  • What changes will happen to my body?

    Improved health benefits over time are expected with weight maintenance. Living at a healthy weight helps reduce the risk of over 180 diseases, and the Entalla Lifestyle Program gives you a proven system for staying at your goal.

  • Once I reach the Maintenance stage, can I follow the same eating plan from Phase 2?

    Yes. Just keep in mind the structure and amounts of nutrients required from Phase 3, which is a little different considering it includes an extra meal. Be sure to review and use the food bank associated with the type of diet you wish to follow.

  • Can I expect more weight loss?

    Yes. When calorie expenditure is higher than calorie intake, weight loss is achieved. In other words, if you burn more calories than you eat you may continue to lose weight. If you are exercising frequently and avoiding foods high in calories from sugar and fat, you may lose more weight. It becomes easier to maintain or lose weight if an exercise program or walking regimen is part of your lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle will almost always lead to weight regain.

  • What challenges should I expect?

    Life events that may be positive or negative may shift our emotions causing us to overeat without realizing it. These are often called “triggers”. Other factors such as food temptations, hormones, vacations, hurricanes, and even pandemics can all be triggers. Emotional awareness of triggers is key to maintaining healthy weight loss. Once we recognize the behavior that makes us overeat, we can better address our reaction and learn to make better choices. Taking a walk, reading a book, calling a friend, or even buying something new to wear can all serve as replacements for emotional eating triggers.

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