Manage Your Cholesterol
Manage Your Cholesterol

Manage Your Cholesterol

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Pack contains: 1 bottle of Red Yeast Rice and 1 bottle of CoQ10


Product Description

A golden alliance for greater wellness.


Keep the main enemy of the heart, brain, and overall health under control.


When two products, such as Red Yeast Rice and CoQ10, work hand in hand, the results can make difference in the body. 

Red Yeast Rice:

Can help promote cardiovascular health.


Supports a healthy cardiovascular system
Supports energy levels during strenuous exercise; helps support fatigue during strenuous exercise Supports heart health
Supports vascular health

  • Pack contains: 1 bottle of Red Yeast Rice and 1 bottle of CoQ10
  • Red Yeast Rice (180 capsules)
  • CoQ10 (90 capsules)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is red yeast rice?
It is a dietary supplement that can help lower high LDL cholesterol thanks to the ingre-dient monacolin K. It also contains other natural compounds, such as phytosterols, that help reduce LDL.
What does red yeast rice do for my health?
It helps lower bad cholesterol to maintain healthy arteries and proper heart function, especially in people with high blood pressure and diabetes. It does not present serious adverse effects like cholesterol medication does, which can impact the liver, heart, pancreas, cause muscle pain and weakness, dizziness, increase blood sugar levels, the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes, instigate depression and reduce cognitive impairment, among other issues.
What is CoQ10?
It is a coenzyme present in the body and responsible for obtaining the energy we need from food. However, as we age and the body oxidizes, CoQ10 becomes scarce and less effective.
What does CoQ10 do for my health?
It can help fight free radicals as well as the effects of aging on our body. It is especially effective in supporting energy production, regenerating organ and skin tissue, and is a great ally for lowering blood pressure and combating heart failure, since it strengthens the heart muscle, among many other benefits.
Does supplementing CoQ10 help control cardiovascular risk factors?
Research on CoQ10 has found evidence suggesting it may be beneficial due to its mul-tifunctional use, with effects that can reverse different factors that influence the de-posit of fat in the arteries, such as inflammation and hypertension.